Karagwe Community Based Rehabilitation Programmes (KCBRP) is a national Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that exists to bring positive change to the lives of Persons with Disabilities and their families or caregivers. KCBRP works with PWDs, their families, communities and organizations to establish more disability inclusive, responsive, resilient and equitable communities.

How We Work

Our work is aligned with key global development frameworks such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and Tanzania’s Vision 2025.

KCBRP pursues a human rights-based approach in all its development undertakings. Working with and through local pro-disability entities, KCBRP has over the years persuaded a Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID)[1]approach to enabling disability inclusive development at grassroots levels.

Our strategies are structured around three program-driven focus areas that respond to challenges of PWDs, their families and organizations. These are: Comprehensive Healthcare and Rehabilitative; Inclusive Education; as well as Livelihood Development and Social Inclusion. Institutional Excellence is a fourth area that is inward looking and seeks to transit KCBRP into a sustainable and effective entity. Four overarching strategies are integrated across the strategic focus areas, being influencing policy and practice; capacity development; partnerships development and knowledge management.

An inclusive society where persons with disabilities enjoy their full rights and attain full potential

To champion the rights, empowerment and wellbeing of persons with disabilities through advocacy, capacity building and linking.

Theory of Change

KCBRP’s ambition is to contribute to ‘an inclusive society where persons with disabilities enjoy their full rights and attain their full potential’.KCBRP understands that a conducive operating environment, applicable capabilities ,and equitable access to opportunities and productive resources enables PWDs to realize their aspirations, improve their living conditions and participate more actively in society.


KCBRP recognizes that achieving this status requires removal of physical, legal, policy, cultural and institutional barriers to inclusion of PWDs and their caregivers. KCBRP will thus invest in:

  1. Supporting (advocacy towards) existence of disability progressive regulatory frameworks, cultural norms and responsive institutional structures.
  2. Building capacities of pro-disability organisations and or actors to effectively support and or deliver services to PWDs and their caregivers.
  3. Leveraging/ mobilizing resources to support grassroots disability organizations that facilitate PWDs to realize/attain their full potential and meaningfully participate in society.
  4. Generating and sharing knowledge to facilitate evidence-based influencing of policy and practice as well as for learning and accountability.
  5. Initiating and or managing pro-disability networks to promote collaborative programming for effective claim making, comprehensive support and scaled impact.

The interventions will be concentrated in four CBID linked strategic focus areas viz. 1) Access to Comprehensive Healthcare and Rehabilitative Services;2)Inclusive Lifelong Education;3) Livelihoods Development and Social Inclusion; and 4) Institutional Excellence.


You can make a HUGE difference in a life of a child with disability. Your donation makes a child's dreams come true by improving their welfare and hence become independent and successful adults.