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As a grass-root NGO and member of several independent national councils we solely depend on your support to advocate our vision of inclusion and increase the imapact of CBR in our local communities. After several personal requests we now decided to enable private givings, both one-time and frequent donations

There are two ideal ways of how you can support our work: Financial donations & Sponsorships

  • Financial Donations allows us and our regional partner organizations (PO) to increase the range of impact, refer more clients to dedicated health - or educational - institutions and extend our physiotherapy department.
  • Sponsorships are great once you would like to support a certain project or child on the lont-term and/or as a donor-group. Please get in touch for specific feedback & advice!

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Seminar & Workshops

200 - 500$

Frequent seminars with our Village Rehabilitation Workers or village groups are efficient, but costful tool to power local capacity-building. Your kind donation will help us make a difference in the community.

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Sending a disabled child to school


Disability always come along with poverty. We therefore redirect pupils to proper partner schools, take care of their transport, food and equipment.

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Wheelchairs support

250 - 300$

Wheelchairs and tri-cycles improve the mobility of physically disabled people, giving back dignity and respect. At KCBRP, we manage our own workshop for contruction..

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