Partners & Strategic Partner Organizations

KCBRP Impact

From 2013 to date, KCBRP has been working and benefiting people with disabilities, their families and broader communities across 31 villaged in Karagwe district, Kagera region, Tanzania powerful network invoving multiple stakeholder groups from the global, national ad local sphere allowing the implementation of strategic goals...

KCBRP Partners

KCBRP's impact was made possible through funds from our partners such as the Overseas Relief and Aid Fund (ORAF), One World Children's Fund, FOCT and Tumaini Fund. Furthermore, in 2012 KCBRP entered strategic partnership agreement with a Dutch-based Liliane Foundation to improve service delivery and coordinate other LF partners in Tanzania (21 in number as for now, throughout 10 regions).

Providing the latter ones with funds and knowledge allows us to achieve inclusion not only in social or religious aspects, but also through practical involvement in e.g. health, work or education.

We are also the coordinator of Lake Zone Disability Consortium which was founded to spread KCBRP's advocacy role on promoting visibility of disability inclusive development in the lake zone

If you are interested in further information or would like to become a part of our action-network please feel free to contact us.


Our Vision

A society in which vulnerable groups & young people with disabilities enjoy just and inclusive life.