Education for the Disabled

Education Access for All

Tanzania conducted one study of a kind, the Tanzania Disability Survey report 2008, whose objective was to determine the prevalence of disability in the country. The survey also intended to determine living conditions among people with disabilities, such as their experiences with the physical environment and attitudes, their main sources of income, education level, possession of assistive devices.

There is at least 10% of Tanzanians with disability and 2/3 of them are living among the poorest and marginalized communities. People with disabilities continue to lack access to adequate health and basic education, and are at risk of economic isolation with no prospect of securing employment. The sector is also particularly vulnerable to the compounded effects of discrimination and abuse.

More than half of children with disabilities do not attend school as a result of their health or activity limitations. Illiteracy among Tanzanians with a disability is 48%, compared to 25% among those with one. This seriously hinders social and economic development.

What we do

KCBRP recognises the challenges that people with disabilities and their families are confronted with on a daily basis. We do everything we can to alleviate the obstacles, improve quality of life and empower people with disabilities to fulfill their potential.

We support young people with disability to get access to education including providing them with school equipment, food and transportation. The children are taken to proper schools. At KCBRP also we manage an own local workshop that constructs the tri-circles for disabled people.


Our Vision

A society in which vulnerable groups & young people with disabilities enjoy just and inclusive life.