Comprehensive Healthcare And Rehabilitative Services (CHRS)

Accessible, affordable and good quality healthcare and rehabilitation services are still not available for everyone in need of it in Tanzania. Through this strategic focus area KCBRP seeks to enhance the quality of life for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and their caregivers by supporting them to meet their healthcare and rehabilitation needs. KCBRP implements its CBR/CBID programs in resource-constrained settings jointly with Partner Organizations (POs)/Organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs and relevant State and Non State Actors (NSAs). The focus area especially seeks to address concerns around access to quality healthcare for PWDs; knowledge and awareness of policy makers on PWDs & related health issues; health data; quality specialized rehabilitation services; and degree of inclusion of PWDs within the health services provision system .The broad objective seeks to support improvements in the health, wellness and functionality of PWDs by facilitating increased access to comprehensive high-quality health care and rehabilitative services. We support our partners to identify Children with disabilities, assess their disabilities and plan and implement interventions that improves their functioning through surgery, therapies, medication and training. For sustainability and lasting effect partner organizations work also focus on changes in the environment by doing awareness raising and capacity development related to healthcare and rehabilitation, infrastructural adjustments related to healthcare and rehabilitation and lobbying activities healthcare and rehabilitation.



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