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We are thankful for the opportunity to serve persons with disabilities in seven regions of Tanzania in collaboration with 19 Partner Organizations. It has been a long journey. From humble beginning of working as a Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) department of the Anglican Diocese of Kagera in 2004 to geographical and thematic growth as a National wide NGO in 2012. We received the first grant from The West Foundation through Tunaweza Fund for KCBRP as a fiscally sponsored project of One World Children's Fund (OWCF) in 2012. The grant enabled KCBRP to expand operations from 15 to 31 villages and benefitted over 1200 children with disabilities by then who received healthcare, education and/or income generation support. And of course, produced many more smiles at the last mile, for which we were incredibly grateful.

By 2012 KCBRP became a leading disability rights movement in 'last-mile' villages -- villages in Karagwe District so remote where health care services rarely reached, and where discrimination and violence against persons with disabilities was unfortunately, a social norm. KCBRP provided community based rehabilitation services and co-organized persons with disabilities and their families to advocate for their care and their rights in some of the most remote villages in Tanzania.

​In 2012  KCBRP started constructing a nine building community center in an easily accessible part of Karagwe District (along a major thoroughfare) that included a rehabilitation center, meeting and a training hall, a referral center, health clinic, along with  accommodations for families of patients and skilled medical volunteers. Fully fledged, it was intended to be the first of its kind in that area, so clients would no longer needed to travel long distances for routine care. ​

Although the rehabilitation center could not be finished but the fair development , meagre as it is, has enabled KCBRP and other stakeholders to provide cost effective and sustainable health services to people with disabilities (PWDs) and other vulnerable groups closer to home​. The Center has also created a conducive environment for community awareness raising regarding the abilities, needs, and rights of PWD and provide additional health, education, advocacy, inclusion and economic empowerment services. The unfledged rehabilitation center is located in the Kayanga Town in the Karagwe District which is the KCBRP’s headquarter.  

In 2012, KCBRP entered in a strategic partnership with Liliane Foundation (http://www.lilianefonds.org/) with the common goal of empowering youngsters and children with a disability to participate in society and ensure their inclusion. In the role of SPO, KCBRP is mainly responsible for developing a national programme with the network of active partner organisations (PO), and for managing and ensuring the quality of implementation by these PO’s. Through multi-disciplinary and financial support from Liliane Foundation, KCBRP and POs have developed and implemented quality programs. So far Liliane Foundation has supported KCBRP to implement 2 programmes focused on achieving disability inclusive development being implemented in 10 Regions of Tanzania through 33 partner organization. With the phase out of one of the programme, KCBRP is coordinating one programme in 7 Regions of Tanzania through 19 implementing Partner Organizations.

 KCBRP acknowledges the need for collaborative approaches. We thus pursue a system orientation, in which we work with multiple actors, while pursuing multiple strategies across multiple levels. We deliberately work with and through local partner organizations besides collaborating with non-traditional allies like the government and private sector.

We call upon all our esteemed partners to join hands with us as we venture into this exciting, ambitious and equally challenging phase of our journey.

Yohana Ng’wandu

Executive Director-KCBRP





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