Treatment, Intervention and Prevention

The Challenge

About 1 million number of children are not having access of the right to education due to a number of reasons including extreme poverty, psychological, physical and sexual violence, often committed by relations in their own communities, schools or at home; leave alone disability as one of the major reasons for youth to be out of school!

KCBRP Solution

Prevention of disability is carried out through public health measures aimed at preventing disease´╝îthrough curative measures which treat the disease, and through curative and rehabilitative measures which treat the impairment or the disability, with the three types of measures forming a continuum of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention.

Most efforts to prevent disability have focused on the two stages which precede disability in the progression from disease to handicap, namely prevention of disease or injury (primary prevention) and prevention or treatment of injury or impairment (secondary and tertiary prevention).

Our Action

Our trained Village Rehabilitation Workers (VRWs) and Facilitators identify people with disabilities (PWD) within the community. We then provide access to specialized healthcare and equipment, including:

  • Prevention awareness creation campaigns
  • Treatments, physiotherapy and mobility tools.
  • Provision of referrals, transport and lodging and maintain close follow-up of clients to ensure quality care and rehabilitation.


Our Vision

A society in which vulnerable groups & young people with disabilities enjoy just and inclusive life.